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Our REstaurants

BEACH Cabana

1 Double, 30SQM
TErrace REstaurant
Your own private beach cabana
Colonial style restaurant overlooking the bay.
Enjoy elegant five-star dining overlooking the breathtaking scenery of our lush gardens and harbour with Yachts floating in the bay. You can smell the sweetness of the tropical flowers and listen to the sounds of nature..
Opening Hours: 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
1 Double, 30SQM
Food Philosophy
Your own private beach cabana
Unique and distinct cultural identity
From our garden to your table we cater magnificent dishes from Italian to Caribbean cuisine.
Come for a memorable and unique culinary experience that blends Italian traditions with local Caribbean spice. Arrive early and watch the breathtaking sunset views while enjoying a cocktail before dinner. Dining at The Inn is not only a feast for the eyes but a rejuvenation of the soul. Our chef Antonio, creates a unique mix of international flavors, offering fusion dishes where Italy meets the West Indies.

Our organic garden is also a very important aspect of our passionate belief in bringing garden fresh produce to your table. Organic eggs and chicken are also part of our selection of food. Not to mention the fresh local fish and Argentinian meat which are a must in our kitchen. Enjoy open-air dining and terrace seating with great panoramic views of English Harbor and its passing yachts, all embedded in the overall ambiance of a starlit sky.  
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