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Organic Garden


These days most of us are taking good care of ourselves – of our mind and body. It is very important to inspect what we put in our mouths. It is extremely popular to either buy produce directly from the farm or to have your own little organic garden, so you will know how it was cultivated and grown.

At The Inn you don’t have to forget about your desire to eat fresh, organic foods. We are very proud to have our very own organic garden. For most of the dishes served at our restaurant we use our own freshly grown produce. Every morning our chef carefully selects a particular bouquet of herbs and veggies to go along with the main courses that are being prepared that day.

The beauty of any Caribbean island is that produce is available all year round, making it fairly simple for a seasoned and well trained chef to create healthy culinary masterpieces.

Part of the wellbeing experience at The Inn is our Organic Garden Tour where guests can walk around the garden and taste a selection of seasonal produce right from the garden. Our chef will offer a variety of fresh picked herbs and vegetables that are just seasoned with a little olive oil for flavour. Well-being is simple. All you have to do is come and experience it – away from home!