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Our Story

The history of The inn started with an ‘intuition from the sky followed by another from the sea’. In the 60's a British BWIA pilot, Peter Deeth, flew from New York to Antigua. His route took him over an immaculate corner of the island right next to the historic harbour of Nelson’s Dockyard.

He fell in love with this corner of paradise and decided that, once retired, he would buy the land and build a hotel. From this seed was born the first incarnation of the The Inn that, over the years, became an important destination particularly to British holiday makers.

Later In the 80s, during a cruise aboard the family motor yacht Xenia-Faye, Enzo & Susanna Addari with her two children Robert and Faye, anchored in Freeman's Bay in front of The Inn. They too were struck by the charm of the place, and decided to buy it.

Thus was born the new Inn at English Harbour. With great care and attention to detail, both the interior and exterior were redesigned by Susanna Salvia Addari and transformed into a five-star hotel. In 2000 The Inn, went through a total renovation and a new extension was added later on in 2006; with all these refinements and renovations The Inn became one of the most exclusive five-star resorts on the island of Antigua.

The traditions of the colonial style decor, much loved by guests over the years, has been gradually enriched by the addition of objets d’arts and curiosities that the owners have brought from China, Bali, the Middle East and Africa; all these culturally different accents are tastefully mixed with the dominant flavor of Italy.